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Thai Lottery is drawn on the first and the sixteenth of every month. You will see the 16th March 2024 Thai Lottery Results from 12:45 pm to 2.00 pm. The Thai Lottery is Most popular in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Thailand, Pakistan, India, and Myanmar (Burma). There are only two legalized gambling we see in Thailand. (ตรวจผลสลากกินแบ่งรัฐบาล ตรวจผลสลากกินแบ่งรัฐบาล งวดวันที่ 16 มีนาคม 2567).

Thailand Lottery Result Paper Tips For 16-03-2024



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Thai Lottery First Paper 4pc Middle Digit 16-03-2024

You can buy Thai lottery tickets from your android app. It is the most easiest and authentic way. Another option is Krungthai bank, ...

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You can buy Thai lottery tickets from your android app. It is the most easiest and authentic way. Another option is Krungthai ...
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You can buy Thai lottery tickets from your android app. It is the most easiest and authentic way. Another option is Krungthai bank, ...

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You can buy Thai lottery tickets from your android app. It is the most easiest and authentic way. Another option is Krungthai bank, ...

Thai Lottery:

Thai lottery today 16 March 2024, One is the Thai Lottery and the other is horse racing. The Government of Thailand regulates Thailand’s Lottery under the Act of Government Lottery Office (GLO) BE 2517.check Thai lottery Here, We are here to Give the Full Details of GLO Thailand Lottery, Thailand lottery result 16/03/2024, Thailand lottery king March 16, 2567.

The Thai government pays 60% of the winning prize and takes the rest for the government charity The Thailand Lottery is not new as it was first published in 1868 as the birthday gift of King Chulalongkorn.

The Thai king appointed an English man to organize and monitor Thai Lottery results and, for the European style, Mr. Alabaster gave his service. The Thai Lottery always shows its results on the 1st and 16th of every month.

(1) Thai Lottery Result Today—Lottery Draw Timing

12:45 PM to 2.00 PM is the draw timing of the Thailand Lottery results. The result is declared at the same time every month. As Thailand’s residents love gambling, the lottery is allowed here.

(2) How We Check and Download Thai Lottery Results

We update Thai lottery results on our website, so bookmark this website to get the latest Results.

(3) NBT and Spring News Broadcast Thai Lottery Results

Our readers can check their Thai Lottery results live on Spring News or NBT (National Broadcasting Services of Thailand). Spring News displays results at 15:00 and NBT at 14:30 on the 1st and 16th of every month. You can find the latest lottery report on the official website of the Government Lottery Office. The radio of Thailand’s domestic service also broadcasts Thai Lottery Game.

Thailand Lottery Previous Result 1-03-2023


Thai Lottery Old Results:

The Thai lottery has 5 different prize structures:

  1. The winner holds the first prize and gains 6,000,000 BAHT.
  2. There are “5” second prizes and each member wins 200,000.
  3. “10” personnel win the third prize of 80,000 each.
  4. “50” persons get the fourth prize of 40,000 each.
  5. “100” members got the fifth prize of 20,000.



Value ( Baht)

1st Prize
01 prize
2nd Prize
5 prizes
3rd Prize
10 prizes
4th Prize
50 prizes
5th Prize
100 prizes
Side Prize 1st Prize
02 prizes
3 page numbers
02 prizes
Last 3 Digits
02 prizes
Last 2 Digits
01 prize

Thai Lottery Wining Number Tips:

vip thai lottery

1: Thai Lottery Win Numbers

Not only the people of Thailand, but people all over the sphere dream of winning millions of baht. It is not as hard as you think. You are only required to follow simple steps while you enter the number for the new lucky draw. We know the Thai lottery has numerous draws each month which runs throughout the year. Each draw has its specific rules. You have to follow the pattern of those specific rules. You should study the number pattern of past draws and then try to guess the number of people coming to win the Thai lottery. UK49s and other websites also predict the Thai lottery sure numbers, which you can follow.

2:  Thai Lottery 3up Digits

Lotteries are the best way to spend spare time. We are here to give some information regarding the Thai lottery results if you never win it. In your first step to looking for Thai lotto results, always collect current results from online resources or newspapers. It will be good if you go through the latest results within 24 hours. It will give you a guide on what number will get drawn in next week. You can say it is a 3up digit which is different than usual and if you understand the pattern of the 3up digit, you will win for sure. 

3:  Thai Lottery Papers 1st, 2nd and Last

Thai lottery last paper NEW Vip Thailand lotteryMany gambling lovers download the PDF of Thai lottery results just to see the number. Some gambling winners suggest that if you want to understand the 3up magical number, then get the resulting paper of 1st, 2nd and the last one. Through these papers, you can understand the winning number of the next Thai lottery.

4: Thailand Lottery 3up and Magical Formula

The pool of people plays the Thai lottery 3up because it is a game they love. Our website regularly updates the information, so add our bookmark to get the latest information regarding Thai lotteries. We have built a team of specialists who help our customers win the chance of the Thailand lottery. We put our eyes on all the lottery games that are running all around the earth. It includes countrywide prize bonds and the samba. Regarding Thai lotteries, we will never share garbage with our users. Rather, we will deliver facts, and share natural match numbers which will convince you to win the upcoming lottery.

5: Facebook 3up Formula for Thai Lottery

Though Thai lotteries are tricky, mysterious and seem difficult to win, they have strategies. We will tell you about the Thai lottery Facebook real magic tips by revealing the Thailand lottery strategies. You know, winning the lottery has a gamut of possibilities, so the Thailand Lottery 2 Down is a winning combination too. Every prize-winning sequence of numbers has its specific secret formulas. Once you explore the formula pointers of the Thai lottery number, your chances of winning the first prize will be raised.

6: Thai Lottery 100% Sure Number

Thai Lottery 100% Sure NumberWith our team of experts, you will see one number from 1st to 3up. We will recommend a variety of systems which will last until 2025 and help you win first, second or third prizes every time. Let’s give you a hint that for a new gamer, I will avoid selecting the number 2 or 11 because many people consider them unlucky numbers. People mostly opt for odd numbers rather than even ones. So the lucky numbers may come in even digits because the lottery maker also keeps in mind the psychic of people. 

7: Thai Lottery 3D VIP Tips

It is not surprising that Asians like to invest their money in lotteries rather than horse riding. The Thai lottery is the most famous game in Thailand and other Asian countries. If you aim to only win the prize, then we have some insider secrets that can help you win the game. The gamblers who frequently win know these VIP tips, so waiting doesn’t make sense. Get our expert guide and win the next Thai lottery.

8: Thai Lotto Free Tips 123

Some gamblers suggest that people should take some time out and enjoy themselves instead of thinking too hard about luck and the lottery. Taking out time is good, but our society likes variety more than efficiency. This is the tip for you that focuses on the variety of the lottery numbers, because someone brings great ideas along the way. You have to guess that idea which is only possible if you focus on the variety. 


9: How to Download Thai Lottery Results

  • Open our website in your browser.
  • Navigate to the search box to look for Thai lottery results today.
  • A tab with the list of Thai Lottery results will be opened. Click on the desired date.
  • Browse on to find the download pdf bar on your phone. Hit the download button to get the file. 

How You Can Buy Lottery Tickets

  1. To win a huge amount of money, buy a Thai government lottery ticket from an authorized vendor (broker).
  2. You have to buy a pair of Thailand lottery tickets. Each ticket costs 80 baht, so you have to pay 160 baht for the pair of tickets.
  3. Brokers registered by the Thai government provide tickets to their listed 14760 vendors from whom we can get them.
  4. Soon people will get the tickets directly from the Thailand GLO.
  5. Please make sure that the vendor is registered with the Thailand GLO (Government Lottery Office) before buying tickets.
  6. The lottery tickets contact the 6-digit number and they should be verified by the Thailand government officer at GLO.

How to Claim For Prize Money Thailand Lottery 2022

  • Once you play the Thailand Lottery and win the prize of 20,000 baht, your vendor will pay the cash after verifying the ticket number. The vendor will deduct his commission too.
  • If you win a lottery prize of more than 20,000 baht, you have to collect it from the GLO. In this case, you should carry certain documents:
  • Lottery ticket with your sign on the backside.
  • Valid ID card.
  • Proof of Residence.
  • Please note that you can collect your winning lottery prize within 10 years after the lottery result declaration. The amount will be remitted to the Government of Thailand after the due date of the prize period.

Thai Government Tax Percentage for Thai Lottery

As per the Thailand GLO Act, you have to pay 0.5% tax to the government of Thailand if you win the TGL prize. Or 1% tax if you win by the lottery type TCL (Thai Charity Lottery).

How to Install Thai Lottery Android App—Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. On our website, you can find the android app download service. Once you hit the app download button, our website will direct you to the Google play store.
  2.  Google play store will give you a list of Thai national lottery apps. Select one and start the download process.
  3. Once the download is complete, click the installation button.
  4. A pop-up will appear that asks for your permission to install it on the android mobile.
  5. Wait for the installation process. You can use the app after finishing the installation. 

You Can Win the Thai Lottery by Simple Strategies

It is an ancient thought that to win a big prize lottery, you have to be luckiest, but if you use your mind, you can win for sure. Numerous ways help you win the lottery dramatically. People who lose the prize don’t follow the correct principles. The Thai lottery is a game of numbers, so it takes time to understand. But once you learn the trick, it will pay you off with good results. 

Thailand matka:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Lotto Results:

1.    How Can I Win the Thai Lottery?

There are numerous websites which offer expert help, and predictions which can guide you to buying a special Thai ticket. Successful gamblers also suggest that we should see the sequence of past declared lottery results.

Once a person understands those patterns of Thai lotteries, he will win. 3up numbers of Thai lotteries are mainly focused on because GLO follows their specific rules to make such numbers. If you identify that specific rule, then you will buy those tickets which have higher winning chances.

2.    Can foreigners play the Thai Lottery?

Yes, the Thailand government allows all persons worldwide to play and win the Thailand Lottery. You can buy tickets whether you are local or foreign. The only condition is, you have to be 20 years old while collecting the size of the Thai lottery.

3.    Is the lottery legal in Thailand?

Thai people love gambling, so the government makes it legal. The Thai Government established a Thai Lottery Office (TLO) and approved the TLO act which supports this lottery declaration and process.

4.    What is a Thailand Lottery ticket?

A Thailand Lottery ticket is a way to gain money in the short term if you win the prize. The Thailand Lottery office issues Thai lottery results on the 1st and 16th of every month.

5.    Are lottery tickets a scam?

Are lottery tickets a scam 3Well most lottery tickets are scams, but in the case of the Thailand Lottery tickets, it is true and legal. Because it is issued through the government of Thailand and a deduction of tax also occurs.



6.    Why do people participate in lotteries?

The main reason is fun and excitement. But for some people, it is the hope of winning a large amount within a shorter time. People also want to win the lottery for their children, for their socioeconomic status, for household income and social bonding. 

1.    How are lottery tickets authenticated?

A true Thai lottery has:

  1. 6-digit computerized type lottery number.
  2. Numbers are written in English too below the lottery number.
  3. An image of the logo of the TLO and a barcode.
  4.  In this advanced era, you can verify your Thailand lottery ticket by scanning the barcode present on the ticket.

2.    What is the best place to buy lottery tickets in Thailand?

Vip thai lottery ticketYou can buy Thai lottery tickets from your android app. It is the most easiest and authentic way. Another option is Krungthai bank, which has branches nationwide. If you buy through the website of Krungthai bank, they will deliver the ticket through the post.

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